Welcome to The Classification Guru, a specialist service dedicated to helping you get the most out of your classified and categorised data.  

Whether a small or large data set, the accuracy of the data can be improved by identifying classification errors, conflicts or gaps. Save resources by selecting data verification services to efficiently find and correct these in a fraction of the time.

A crucial part of having accurate data is also working with a comprehensive taxonomy, something that can be easily overlooked.  Choose taxonomy development to ensure you have all the vital areas covered for the greatest visibility.

If you have an in-house team who classify data, training can be provided to help the team work smarter, to produce more efficient and consistent classification.

Data Verification

Is your data reliable and trustworthy?

It can be time consuming and resource draining to verify data.  It's extremely difficult to efficiently  identify errors and correct. 

I can provide:
  • Error and conflict report
  • Error report and fixes
  • Gap report for easily classifiable vendors
  • Gap report and fixes

Taxonomy Development

Are you getting full visibility?

It's easy to overlook less used items when building a taxonomy, but if it's a large spend and isn't covered it won't give an accurate picture. 

Let me help you make sure you have all the relevant areas covered.


Does your team classify consistently?

Classification is a very subjective exercise.  If there's multiple people working on data, it can be hard to maintain consistency.  I can check your data and tailor a training plan specific to your data needs.  This will allow your staff to:
  • Work to the same agreed standard/rules
  • Allow more accurate classification
  • Reduce the time it takes to classify/check your data
Data is knowledge, knowledge is power.  

But what if you're making decisions based on miscategorised data?  With thousands, if not millions of rows of data it can be impossibly time consuming and hard to spot errors.  This could mean a significant amount of spend is sitting under the wrong categories.  

The Classification Guru can provide a report of the significant incorrect categorisation in a short time (depending on volume), and if you choose to have these corrected this can all be done in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

I'm passionate about data.  I have spent many years classifying millions of rows of data, across many industries, countries and languages, as well as training up teams of people to do the same thing. There's not much I haven't seen or learned, a lot of which is a benefit to many organisations, and so born from that comes The Classification Guru. 

I've seen data that has been classified either in-house or by a third party with varying degrees of results. Due to the large volume of data it's hard to spot these errors even if you recognise them, let alone don't.  With my knowledge, experience and tools I can provide this for you, freeing up your internal resources.

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